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I am a lifelong student of consciousness. This podcast is about my transition in consciousness. I share a perspective that is both highly subjective yet contains numerous practical and mechanical tools that can be used by anyone who's looking for change. 

You may have seen my former video podcast, Beach Walks with Rox, which I began in February, 2006. In the Transition is a deeper, more detailed exploration of what I used to call "the Beach Walks Philosophy."

Cover of The Three YousI invite you to download my eBook, called The Three You's. It's part of the framework I use in the Transition and you can use code PODCAST to get a free copy. It's a short read that can have a lasting impression on your own consciousness journey.

“This is a great little book that will do more for you than 20 years of therapy. As soon I put the principles into practice, huge shifts started to happen. Roxanne clear, wise voice of wisdom has found the key unlocking our biggest problems so quickly and easily.” — MA, Business Executive, Portland, Oregon


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in the transition with rox

Jun 16, 2019

This episode shows a conscious way to find safe harbor in the midst of storms, wherever you may be. It is an exercise in self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Episode 9 Show Notes

Hello, my name is Roxanne Darling, and this is In The Transition podcast. Today is episode 9 and I'm doing a deep dive into the topic of safety. This is the issue we face when times seem out of control and confusing, even at times frightening. The Transition in Conscious has some insights here that have helped me relieve anxiety and understand the starting point for feeling safe.

Much like the lighthouse image I'm using for the podcast cover art, the short answer is that when the waves are crashing around me, I go inside, to a metaphorical lighthouse to create calm and get a larger view of what's happening 'out there.' Thank you to Jock Diego, who shared his photograph on Unsplash. Diego Jock on Unsplash

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And in case you haven't noticed before, I provide a full episode transcript on my website and many links in the show notes. Ok, let's talk about safety.


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That's all for today's episode. I appreciate you for listening and hanging out with me here in the transition. And remember, none of this matters. Your most courageous act may be unconditional self-acceptance.

Please note: I like to include about a minute of music at the end of each episode to allow listeners to stay "in the zone" of the podcast, giving you additional time to rest and integrate.

Thank you for being You.